Arduino IDE keywords

The other day I made my first library (a 7-segment display controller) for my new Arduino Uno, following two nice tutorials. They both mention that it’s a good idea to make a keywords.txt file f... Read More


For our weekly journal club I talked about a new method for de novo protein folding called EVfold. [Slides] Details can be read in the paper (plus 15 page supporting text) Marks, D. S., Colwell, L. J.... Read More


I had a great time over Halloween at PDB40 at Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory, celebrating 40 years of protein structure. I especially like the talks from older structural biologist about the history o... Read More


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I had a great time attending 3DSIG and ISMB/ECCB in Vienna. The quality of the talks was very high and it was fun to meet so many other computational biologists. It is nice to finally put faces and pe... Read More

Passed Quals!

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On June 7th I officially passed my qualifying exam. It consisted of a written report and an oral presentation. Many thanks to my committee: Ruben Abagyan, Pat Jennings, and Andy MacCammon.... Read More

Java Interpreters

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I’m a big fan of the iPython interpreter. I like having an interpreter running while I develop for prototyping and debugging. Since I currently develop in java primarily, I thought I’d tak... Read More