Using BioJava from R

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I’m a fan of literate programming. When I’m writing a paper, I typically use LaTeX to draft the paper, Java to generate the data, and R to create figures and do basic analysis. With Sweave (or the... Read More

TV Oscilloscope Part 2

To further test out my TV oscilloscope, I hooked it up to the output from a small stereo. Changes in dynamics and instrumentation were very apparent in the songs I listened to. I find the blue start a... Read More

Arduino IDE keywords

The other day I made my first library (a 7-segment display controller) for my new Arduino Uno, following two nice tutorials. They both mention that it’s a good idea to make a keywords.txt file f... Read More

Java Interpreters

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I’m a big fan of the iPython interpreter. I like having an interpreter running while I develop for prototyping and debugging. Since I currently develop in java primarily, I thought I’d tak... Read More

Secure Synergy

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Synergy is a really cool little program that allows one to share a keyboard, mouse, and clipboard seamlessly between multiple computers. I have it set up at work so that I can use my desktop keyboard ... Read More

Daily WTF

Whenever I’m writing C code I am amazed that we have to keep track of things like array lengths and string terminators. It’s no wonder poor coders create weird bugs, like this one I found ... Read More