Secure Synergy

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Synergy is a really cool little program that allows one to share a keyboard, mouse, and clipboard seamlessly between multiple computers. I have it set up at work so that I can use my desktop keyboard ... Read More

Graduate Cuisine

I attend a lot of seminars as a grad student. Most of these include free food, which is both a blessing and a curse. A typical week for me: Monday No seminars on Mondays, ever. Get lunch from the taco... Read More

Daily WTF

Whenever I’m writing C code I am amazed that we have to keep track of things like array lengths and string terminators. It’s no wonder poor coders create weird bugs, like this one I found ... Read More


I installed a $$LaTeX$$ plugin! It will pretty up any of my mathy posts, and you can use it in comments too! For inline math formulas, surround your $$LaTeX$$ code with two dollar signs: $$frac{4}{3}p... Read More