CE-CP alignment of Concanavalin A with Pea Leptin
Concanavalin A (yellow & orange) aligned with Pea Leptin (blue and cyan)

Our latest paper on the CE-CP method for finding protein circular permutations is in this month’s issue of Bioinformatics.

Spencer E. Bliven, Philip E. Bourne, and Andreas Prlić. (2015) Detection of circular permutations within protein structures using CE-CP. Bioinformatics. 31 (8): 1316-1318. doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btu823 [PUBMED:25505094]

It is a short application note describing the CE-CP algorithm, which was the first project I worked on with the Bourne lab. It is available through the RCSB PDB or as part of the BioJava library.


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