Panaramic view from the castle ruins

Last week I attended the Rhine-Knee Regional Meeting on Biocrystallography at the Hohenburg Abbey on Mont Sainte-Odile, France. It’s a smaller conference, with a focus on short PhD and Postdoc presentations. The research was very impressive. I particularly liked several impressive talks about structures of large complexes, such as RNA polymerase (Albert Weixlbaumer) or cholera’s sodium transporter (Guenter Fritz).

I gave a talk about CE-Symm. Slides are available as usual on slideshare, but this time I also created a lecture cast on scivee. I couldn’t figure out how to edit the presentation, so the audio includes a bit of the previous speaker.

Besides the scientific merits of the conference, the setting was beautiful and we spent a delightful afternoon hiking around the mountain. The trail followed the Heidamür (Heidenmauer, “Pagan Wall”), a 7th century BC cyclopean stone wall encircling the mountain-top abby, as well as the ruins of Château de Dreistein.

Me posing with the Heidamür.
The hiking group at Dreistein castle (at least those not scared of heights)
Castle Climbing with Misbha

I also expanded the talk for our weekly department seminar. With 30 minutes I can cover some additional structural examples, as well as discuss computational results in more depth. It stimulated a very interesting discussion about the early evolution of proteins and how we can get information about them.


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