Recently there has been much ado over the discovery that the iPhone keeps a log of everywhere you’ve been. I choose to push my paranoia aside and focus on the benefits of this: a cool app that lets you visualize your travels.

Here’s my map, from last june through the present. You can see my route on 8/26-27/2010 when I drove from Seattle to San Diego. And there’s a video below! A few notes:

  • Observations are binned into rectangles of 1/100 of a degree. The size of the circles represents the number of observations in that square centidegree over the time period.
  • Location is calculated by cell towers rather than GPS, so it’s not very accurate. For instance, I have never been to Eureka, CA, despite a number of observations to the contrary.
  • The phone doesn’t seem to log locations unless you switch towers, so the movie skips over periods of time where I stayed in one place
  • I had to modify the source code slightly to get the movie below to progress in 1-hour intervals. The original showed 1-week timesteps in a half-hearted attempt to prevent housewives from using it to spy on their husbands.

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