I installed a $$LaTeX$$ plugin! It will pretty up any of my mathy posts, and you can use it in comments too! For inline math formulas, surround your $$LaTeX$$ code with two dollar signs: $$frac{4}{3}pi r^3!$$ gives $$frac{4}{3}pi r^3$$. For display equations, add an exclamation mark: $$!Epsi(r)=-frac{hbar^2}{2m}nabla^2psi(r)+V(r)!$$ gives $$!Epsi(r)=-frac{hbar^2}{2m}nabla^2psi(r)+V(r)$$

If you need two dollar signs for some reason, use the html escape sequence for dollar, $.


2 thoughts on “Latex!

  1. Testing $$LaTeX$$ in comments. Inline formula: $$ x^2 $$. Display equation: $$! mathbb{E}[X] = int_{-infty}^infty x f(x) dx $$
    Is amsmath installed? $$! B_{n,p}(k) = binom{n}{k} p^k (1-p)^{n-k} $$

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